Bridal Accessories for the Modern and Vintage Bride!

Sparrow Station originally started as a shop for Margaret to sell her hand made purses. She had been sewing for years, and a girl can only have so many bags (regardless of what they may think). Soon we started branching out into vintage glassware, vases, and other pretty but horribly fragile items, and developed a nice little hobby. Weekends spent at the antique stores, taking photos and waiting in line at the post office became regular.

Now, Sparrow Station has turned into a small line of bridal accessories created by maker and designer Margaret Osborne. Sparrow Station products are handmade with inspiration from nature, film and history. We want to provide unique pieces for the modern, non traditional bride with vintage flair.

It's been over five years now and I couldn't imagine Sparrow Station not being part of our lives.

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Sparrow Station has been published in some Bridal Blogs and Magazines:

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Jennie Tewell Photography Blog 2016
Glady's Magazine Holiday Issue 2016
US Weekly Magazine Issue 1137 US Beauty 2016
Burgh Brides Wedding Blog 2016
Cake and Lace Wedding Blog 2017
Jasmin Diane Photography Blog 2017
Utah Valley Bride Blog 2017
Ruffled Wedding Blog 2017
The Carolinas Magazine 2017
Utah Bride and Groom Magazine 2017
Together Journal 2017

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